under the matchlight (norge) wrote,
under the matchlight


I guess i'm pretty excited about the Magnetic North reunion show that's happening in September.  It's gotten me to pick the guitar back up (after literally 6 or 7 months of barely playin it at all).  When i first started practicing those old songs again, my finger tips hurt so bad.  It was unbearable.  But i kept at it, and now those calouses are building back up.

I guess we've decided on what songs we'll play, and it's a lot.  And i'm stoked about that.  It'll make it worth the trip for me (about 2,800 miles).  It's been mentioned that we'll do 2 separate sets.  One will be the poppy-punky stuff.  And the other will be songs from the 2nd album (which we recorded with the guitars tuned down half a step).

This will be my 3rd trip back out to Washington for reunion shows.  There was the Map Of June one in 2012.  And then the Kane Hodder one this past February.  And now, Magnetic North is coming up in September.  I really do feel very lucky to have experienced what i did in my youth.  And that what i've been a part of, meant enough to other people for these reunions to be possible.

I was just a stupid kid back then.  And i don't think i'm all that much smarter or brighter now.  But it sure is bittersweet to think about.

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